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This category is a collection of beautiful songs and poems by great poets, and some poems written by me.

The Ash That Remains

You open your eyes,
You’re searching for light;
The dark night is gone,
Your hope is now bright.
Here and there you’re looking for a ray,
You look out for your goals, search around for your way.
The roads are still dark,
You still hear the pains;
The world is now nothing,
But the Ash that Remains…

Closing your eyes,
You think of yesterday;
All you can see,
Is dark and grey.
Colours do appear,
But they’re all red.
Look closely,
It’s the blood of the dead.
Blood all around,
Even in the rains;
The world is now nothing,
But the Ash that Remains…

A fainting sound enters into your ears,
You hear a cry surviving in fears.
Look at that kid, waiting for his father,
Innocent and pure, once lived like a flower.
Look at that mother, waiting for her son,
Living with a hope that he may have won.
Standing at the door, you see his wife,
Waiting for him to come and give her a life.
But who knows if his body is drowning in the drains,
The world is now nothing but the Ash that Remains…

The eyes are now open,
You want to close’em again;
You don’t want the blood,
You don’t want that rain.
But once it’s open there’s no way back,
The pain of life is not a reversible track.
Stand here and see it, look at those fires,
Think about the dear, think about their desires.
Remember the million innocents sitting in those trains,
The world is now nothing but the Ash that Remains…

Listen to those gun shots repeating every year,
Look at those poor eyes, knowing nothing else but fear.
Respect the brave soldier,
Standing strong to save you;
Feel the debt you owe him,
Try to pay back a few.
Take a pledge to change it all,
To change the colour of the deadly rains;
Is the world still nothing
But the Ash that Remains?

The day has gone, the night is long,
Tomorrow may never be there,
But if you stand, strong as rock,
The blood can’t touch your hair.
You have it all, you can do it
You can bring the golden sun.
You are the soldier, the hope of all,
You are the chosen one.
Take a step, we follow you, you will be never alone,
Move a bit and see how fast, the misery will be gone.
A ray of light,
A smell of life,
Will blossom in those empty lanes;
A whole new world, would come alive,
Only from the Ash that Remains…

No more tears, no more pains,
No more blasts in innocent trains,
No blood falling in with the rains,
No dead body floating in the drains.
No more darkness, no more tears,
Open your eyes now, throw up all your fears.
The world was dark, the night was long
But still you managed to win over those dirty games,
The fire was loud, the ash was out,
And you crafted a world full of peace,
Only from the Ash that Remains…

– Rakshit Agrawal

You’re all alone

You came on Mother Earth,
You came in all alone;
Your momma gave you birth,
And dada gave you home.

You grew up with the years,
You saw life, faced its fears;
You made your friends in here,
You loved them, wiped their tears.

You live in a world of million people,
But still you are all alone;
The way you came on Mother Earth,
Is the way you leave your home.

Your life is just a picture of a solitary man,
Leading life with hardships and making future plans.
You pray for love, you wish for friends,
But it’s hard to get it right;
The only one to follow you is your Shadow,
That too if there’s some light.

You came on earth,
You’re all alone’
You’ll leave it all alone.
The only one to follow you is your Shadow,
And that too if there’s some light…

– Rakshit Agrawal


Leave me alone,
Let me be free;
Stop sucking me down,
You crazy gravity!!

Heaven’s up there!!
Oh you say it’s not true?
Bob Dylan still knocked the door,
You couldn’t even use your glue.

An eagle penetrating into the cloud,
Standing in there, giggling out loud.
Challenging you “Try and follow me,
Ever been so high? You crazy Gravity!!”

You just be happy,
My wings are still in pack;
Coz the minute I go crazy,
Your life will go off track.

Remember Newton?
He gave you this stupid name,
Was accusing you of hitting him,
You blindly took it as fame.

Sucking and grabbing,
You may win over a tree,
But the day I leap above and high,
I’ll kill your pride, You Gravity!!

– Rakshit Agrawal

Falling Leaves

Spread on the grass,
They talk to the bees;
Hanging on the branch,
They feed their old trees.

Playing in the wind,
They shrink with the cold;
Wrapping up a sparrow,
They help it grow old.

Falling and rising,
They rise and then fall;
Living in with the greens,
Turn yellow under the ball.

Here and there they go and they grow,
Known around as the beauty of trees;
Kissed by rain, wind and snow,
Spread all around are the Falling Leaves…

– Rakshit Agrawal

I Feel

The Sun still burns out white,
But I now feel a change;
The rose still blooms out bright,
But the thorns don’t feel so strange.

The brook still flows beside the street,
but it never sounded this soft;
the rocks did try to block its way,
why do I feel they did not?

The mud did always get wet,
But the smell never ran through the veins;
The water still looks the same,
But I now rejoice the rains.

The song was always a melody,
But the heart never had any ears;
The woman was there at the opera,
But the eyes never shed any tears.

The tree did always move with the wind,
I thought it was going through pain;
But now that I feel and not just look,
Even I enjoy this beautiful game.

I was asleep, my eyes were open,
The world just appeared like a movie reel;
The eyes are closed now, the sense is strong now,
My soul has learnt to live and feel…

– Rakshit Agrawal

Owners of Dreams

Some land we had,
They took it all,
Left us nude on the streets;
No drop of tear could touch our eye,
The smile just could not leave.

Some bread we got,
Thrown with sympathy,
We gave it a needy look,
The poor dog still could not see,
Snatched his food and left the street.

In rags we lived throughout the rain,
Using them again in snow,
The sun set out a challenge on us,
With a smile we just let it go.

Our hands in dust,
Our feet in trash,
We still had a sparkling shine;
No matter how dark the moment could be,
The eye couldn’t lose the light.

They call us deprived,
They kill us alive,
They travel in cars with shining beams;
They may have adjusted to live in all troubles,
But we still are the owners of dreams.

– Rakshit Agrawal


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religon too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
In a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say i’m a dreamer
But i’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

– John Lennon