KrishiEkta: Integrated Knowledge and Information Distribution System for Indian Agriculture

PDF file (5.73 MB)

KrishiEkta is an information and knowledge distribution platform for Indian agriculture system. KrishiEkta system collects information from multiple sources through the internet on different categories falling under the theme of Agriculture, summarizes them into multiple formats, and distributes along different media to subscribers.

Sensor network architecture for soil and weather data extraction and database generation

PDF file (5.44 MB)

This work represents the design of a sensor network architecture for soil and weather data collection and database generation with its components as a sensor device consisting of sensors for extracting soil characteristics, mobile phone, and a base server system.

Concept to design a hand-held crop management device (CMD) for farmers

PDF file (5.61 MB)

The work presents the concept to design a hand-held device for crop management (CMD). The proposed design is of a device capable of providing guidance to farmers with respect to irrigation, fertilization, scheduling of crop management and pest control.

Reality Reporting and Moderation Apps for Community Reporters in Rural Areas

PDF file (700 KB)

Citizen sourced journalism is an important medium of expression for people in rural India, who are often kept out of discussions regarding issues faced by them. But the content contributed by such a scheme, coming through easy and open sources, needs moderation before it can be made available publicly. This project aims at developing a scheme of hierarchical moderation as a solution to the same.

Technology in Sports: Squash

PDF file (2.91 MB)

This work is a graphic representation of involvement of technology in the development of sports over time. It shows improvements in Squash sports technology on a timeline.

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