Wikipedia Analysis engined by Collaborative Computation

Under this project I’ve designed a collaborative computation platform to analyze Wikipedia Page, Revision and User data. The system maintains raw and analyzed data in the cloud while synchronizing analysis process across multiple clients.

Crowdsourced Public Policy Development and Moderation

This project designs and develops a web platform for public policy development and moderation. Multiple user collaborate together by monitoring progress of a public policy. Users provide monitoring updates from various sources and centrally assists in building a tracker for policy performance.

QuickResponseHost: Enabling Crowd Sourced Disaster Response Stations

An extension to the open source humanitarian project Sahana Eden, this project designs easy local modules for a centralized disaster management information system. For a deployment of Sahana Eden in the cloud, QuickResponseHost provides crowdsourced modules which can run on volunteer machines and be used for local data operations without internet.

Rank It!

Rank It! is a Crowdsourced ranking platform. This system gives an Android App interface to the users to rank different media like Movies, Images, Books and Music. The server end of Rank It! maintains a collaboratively generated ranked list of all items.


GreenSky is a big and ambitious project aiming at the betterment of Indian agriculture. Even after being rich in natural resources and traditionally being an agro-based nation, various factors have kept overall conditions of Indian agriculture weak and poor…more


KrishiEkta is an information and knowledge distribution platform for Indian agriculture system. KrishiEkta addresses the inadequate access of important information to various stakeholders in Indian agriculture…more

Smartphone Apps in Agriculture

Today with increased use of Smartphone around the world, there has been enormous application development serving a large number of operations. For almost every profession now, an App exists for some sort of help and support…more

Sensor based Agriculture Systems

This project designs sensor based networked systems that can help detect soil parameters, and combine them with location based weather information…more

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