GreenSky_square_logo_3_invGreenSky is an ambitious project aiming at the betterment of Indian agriculture. Even after being rich in natural resources and traditionally being an agro-based nation, various factors have kept overall conditions of Indian agriculture weak and poor. Farmers in India are living a life much worse than normal. No matter what reasons have brought us into this situation, our farmers have suffered. And through GreenSky, we try to investigate the gaps and weaknesses and design solutions to solve them. Primarily, GreenSky creates a network among entire Agriculture community and tries to build as much support systems as needed to enable positive change. India is full of skilled farmers, willing workers, natural resources, qualified experts and ample market. We’re trying to connect them all in the best way and let them improve the system with their skills. It’s a big and a wonderful dream, and we’re determined to bring it to reality.


  • Post on ranked #1 on Blogs of 2013 on twitter (Link)
  • Project selected as a semi-finalist in competition Nutrients for All by Ashoka Changemakers
  • Project Blog crossed over 7000 views covering over 73 countries, and over 400 followers on Twitter

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